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I do personalized caricatures for gifts, advertising, t-shirt designs, logos, and many other uses. Below are samples of caricatures done in my studio from photos.

Please send me an email or call me at (210) 241-4838 with a description of what you're looking for and I can quote you a price.

It helps me to know as much detail as possible and how you would use the drawing (as a gift, greeting card, business card, publication artwork, etc.) for me to give you a prompt quote.

When contacted by phone or by email, I will generally respond within 24 hours.

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Below are some samples of my live caricature work, done at parties, events, and the San Antonio Zoo.

At parties, I typically draw about 16-20 black and white faces per hour on 11 x 14 inch paper. I provide clear, plastic bags to protect the drawings and I bring my own easel, lights, and I can bring chairs. For an extra fee, I can also provide cardboard tubes to further protect the drawings. If I'm traveling outside of San Antonio, I may charge for mileage and accomodations.

I can add color and/or small bodies to caricatures. When drawing faces in color or faces with little bodies in black & white, I can generally draw about 10-14 people per hour. I can draw about 6-8 faces with little bodies in color per hour.

Please call (210) 241-4838 or email me for my rates and availability.

Please click on any of the images in this section to see them larger.

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